three cheers for south florida

Hey, even though Stanford beating USC will get the headlines, and Appalachian State beating UM will be the one to remember for years to 'bout them Bulls?

Owners of the #6 #5 ranking in the country, the University of South Florida Bulls didn't even have a football team 12 years ago. It makes me feel like playing in NCAA 07 with Goucher is not so unrealistic. 

Led by a vicious defense, a zone-blocking line, and a three-star PSNA at QB, Matt "Hideous" Grothe, the Bulls remaining schedule has a road game at current #21 Rutgers and home against #20 Cincinnati. They've already beaten a #5 team in West Virginia.

This is fucking awesome.

Here's receiver Taurus Johnson after that WVU win:

Image taken from UniWatch 

Look through the photo gallery after the WVU upset; then look at who the other undefeateds have to play. This team could be in the national championship. Good times. I'm gonna go watch The Longest Yard now. The original.