the true university town?

Check it out. Kinnick Stadium - where the football Hawkeyes of the University of Iowa play, seats 70,585 fans.

The last census of the IC? 62,220 residents. That's NUTS. Matter of fact, I think I can make a case for IC being the ultimate 'university town' in the one-domination sense. Quick Wiki research reveals that:

Florida State [Tallahassee]: 156,512 city/ 83,000 stadium [Bobby Bowden Field]

Michigan [Ann Arbor]: 114,024 city/107,501 stadium [Michigan Stadium...look at the future one, good gawd]

Penn State [State College]: 38,420 city/135,758 county/107,282 stadium [Beaver Stadium]

Thought I lost it there, but Wiki says: Happy Valley is an often-used term to refer to the State College area, including the borough and the townships of College, Harris, Patton, and Ferguson.  Therefore the county population above, because I'd never heard of State College; it's always Happy Valley on telecasts.

Then I thought of my rival school, Washington State.

Pullman = 24,675, but Martin Stadium = unknown. It's under renovations [who knew?] but probably has more than Pullman's population. But I don't care; if your stadium info isn't on Wikipedia, why should i really include you? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, this town is just filled with Hawkeye gear. It's insane. It's ludicrous how much yellow and black is going on. Expect later picture posts.

Also, I'll update with how between here, Baltimore, and Oberlin, I've experienced the ultimate college towns.