the palest man in the nfl

This won't turn into an NFL blog - I'm nowhere near that dedicated.

Just a quickie - I was reading Stuff [free subscription, swear to Yahweh] and came across this gem in their 'Making Madden' article:


There is even a skin-tone chart hanging in the hallway ranking players from the lightest (Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck) to the darkest (Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown), with Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz somewhere in the middle.

Seattle: home to the whitest player in the NFL. You heard it here first.



Whoo, just look at the light glint off him.

This isn't online yet - I'll update it if it gets there - but it's in the October issue, with Laura Vandervoort on the cover. Please don't spend money on it. 

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