sad timekiller - mydeathspace

I'm fascinated by social networking sites and what they mean for my generation.

For instance, if I died tomorrow, would someone take down my facebook, or would it remain a shrine to me, people coming to my wall from time to time to say hi or that they missed me?

This site answers questions like that, posting myspaces of the recently deceased with frightening regularity and unusually polite dialogue.

The jarring contrast between most people's lively myspaces and their death/the messages regarding their death is upsetting at least. If you want to value your life a little more, visit this site. 

One thing that gets me is that many of the messages ['Hi person X, I miss U'] could have been written before their deaths. This sometimes makes the timeline of messages before the person died to after their death more than a little unclear, and all the more sobering.


[A particularly grisly case:  a murder/suicide pair of Myspaces]