david kircus is extremely capable

Probably the most interesting resolution to a sports dispute I've heard of:

Broncos will keep Kircus after WR passes lie-detector test

Good stuff, although I almost wish he had done what he was accused of: multiple-fracturing a dude's face at a party, then calmly telling him, "You don't know what I'm capable of." [Clearly, he was not talking about his ability to catch high balls in traffic. I mean, if he said that.

Basically, he went to Skeletor Shanahan and told him to administer a lie-detector test to determine his future Broncosity, and passed with flying colors.

Badass all around, Kircus. White guys from Grand Valley State with a penchant for fracii [fracases?] have a place in the NFL.

Also, Shanahan comes off as a proto-Billick even when he's only quoted twice. Somehow.