as far as postscripts go

This is about as horrifying as it gets.

Chris Benoit tribute video. 

Steroids discovered in probe of slayings, suicide.

I don't follow wrestling, but the people who do say he was a stand-up guy - no real history of off-ring[?] issues, wrestled under his real name, etc., etc.

The video freaks me out something horrible, especially the shots of him looking at his hands.

Steroids may well be good for humans one day, but I can't imagine that HGH was good for Benoit's 7-year-old kid, and while I doubt steroids fueled the killings, I wish the stuff was at least regulated.

I don't care if it's legal or illegal; professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school sports have a responsibility to know what athletes are putting into their bodies.

That's all kind of tangential, though. This story is frightening, and my heart goes out to the Benoit's family and friends. And their driver, Jimmy Baswell, who got quoted in the article. 

Jimmy Baswell, who was Benoit's driver for more than five years, placed a white wreath at the Benoits' gate. "They always seemed like they were the happiest people," he said.