how stress management can change your relationship with work

I read a bunch of books and then wrote up some (scientific!) ways to manage stress at work on TINYpulse's blog. I think it's a fun read, especially the bit about the healthiest way to talk to yourself.

Stress is a part of life, so naturally, it’s part of our work lives. The causes of stress - stressors - are all around us. We can’t eliminate all stressors from our careers or our workplaces, but building a stress management skill set can be the difference between burnout and job satisfaction.
Learning how to manage stress is critical, because stressing about stress can take years off your life. A study of thirty thousand Americans showed that the respondents who believed stress was impacting their health had increased risk of premature death.


Stress management strategies are mostly about cultivating resilience. Building stress management skills doesn’t mean you’ll live a stress-free existence; it means you’ll have some reliable methods to counter the stress we all have to contend with. Here are some specific techniques that have been proven to reduce stress.
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