listen to top 40

I had a conversation with my brilliant little sister when she was back from school and a very obvious top 40 jam that I can't remember came up in conversation and I'd never heard it. She's at school and KUBE apparently comes in crystal clear there, and I realized that I hadn't listened to any radio other than KEXP, SNSS, and sports in a few months. [I take the bus a lot, and I just got a Focus and that means the Zune Classic basically stays in the ride on shuffle.]

So I turned on 92.5 the past week and heard this track:

Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris and DJ Frank E - Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)

Whaaaat. Obviously, I heard the radio version - 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)'. I was giddy to figure out what the uncensored version is. This type of cokey, synth-soaked stuff is what he should have been making from jump - whenever I saw Enrique interviewed he came off as this really likable Miami rich kid and this has probably been in his head since he was 16. Ludacris cruises through and drops a thoroughly unmemorable verse [Luda says 'ass' once and Ricky Churches drops 'fuckin'' 12 times, three per chorus - kind of an upset]. I would have loved it if someone had returned serve - remember when Luda was that guy? - but I'm not too mad at it.

Has a mainstream sex-symbol male ever dropped a single that's this combination of direct/presumptuous? I was thinking the Pied Piper's history would have something, but I can't come up with a challenger; 'Your Body's Callin'' ain't it. Next's 'Too Close', my favorite song in seventh grade, is explicitly about boners but still pleading. If this is where pop music is headed, I look forward to amateur and professional music anthropologists trying to figure out if it's influencing teenage sexuality or if The Industry's trying to respond to it. You know the clean version of this is gonna set it off at a bunch of proms.

The single cover is a horrible look, though. After the jump.

You have to do work to make Enrique look that creepy. Hit me with some Miami Vice pastels, Universal.

Review aside, here's the importance of listening to top 40, at least for me: I want to know what the labels want me to hear. I like picking and choosing through the internet as much as the next person with a Wi-Fi network, but radio is still a good guide. Partially because of the 'most of the time' corollary, and partially because knowing what accelerates the orbit of people's bodies and crumbles intuitions is a good thing to know. Everyone likes playing DJ, and I don't like being that guy who hasn't heard what my sister's sick of.