mat, forced exposition, awesomeness, and me

Mat Heggem is doing something staggering. He's attempting to vlog every day for five years in the name of quarter-life crisis. And so far he's kicking ass at it. You should early adopt that into your RSS feed now. Go.

I can't do something like that, at least not at the moment, and it makes me mad. At some points in my life, I either journaled or wrote a verse every single day for months at a time. I'm relating to text a lot differently now. All the reading and reactive writing and regurgitating I do at NV has a lot to do with it. Shuffling from a collegiate environment to a homebase one has a lot to do with it, too. I've tried to blog every day, but a strong aversion to forced exposition really hamstrings me. The little hater doesn't help matters.


One of my college mentors told me that I had to set aside time to write every day. I've tried. I'm bad at it. I write in waves - it's not so much that I get a block but that I don't feel it. It's a lot like freestyling. I can spit something that rhymes on command, and it'll sound good, but I can't always work myself into a rhythm that starts connecting thoughts smoothly and  adding nuance and so on. Which really makes me suspicious of my whole process - as much as I hack through my own work, I've always suspected that I need to enjoy it the way I enjoy chopping up somebody else's work. I think the solution is to be more critical but keep putting the work out there even if it's only a few steps from projectile.

Livejournal culture always spooked me. I won't be throwing out personal testimony all day - I like commentary and analysis and creation. But catching up with Mat every few is really inspiring me to spit out more content - not only so I can try to enjoy forced exposition, but so I have that much to hash through in five years.

I'm really jealous and proud of what Mat's doing - he's building something that will be an absolute marvel at completion, and his consistency thus far is admirable. You can watch nine minutes of Mat - I can't say that about a lot of people. I like that he's got a topic before pressing record, but is content to thought-process live. It's captivating and doesn't need to be edited. Cool stuff.


[Beating The Little Hater]