sky blu is what's wrong with politics today

The LMFAO-Mitt Romney story is a remarkable confluence of my interests: hiphop in mainstream media, flight security, rich folks interaction. Of course, what ends up fascinating me is a one-off comment about politics. Hate is a strong word. I almost hate politics. But peep this, towards the end of this video:

Sky Blu: I have no hard feelings for him, I'm sure he's a good dude.

Redfoo: Will you vote for him?

Sky Blu: [matter-of-factly] No. 'Cause I'm a democrat, he's a repub.

Can it all be so simple? This is what I read on Newsvine with far too much frequency. I would never vote for ______ because I am ______. That 'gang mentality' bit Chris Rock did six years ago is relevant as ever. Sky Blu looks like he's explaining something to an alien. 'Look, this is how it works.' SMH.

Other thoughts:

  • As a frequent rap apologist, I have no defense for LMFAO, who are truly lowest common denominator club music, but it's shortsighted to get all reactionary and claim that this guy will 'end up in prison or murdered'. He's a rich kid, Berry Gordy's grandson. Not a gangsta.
  • Good gravy I forgot how bad LMFAO is. Have you heard 'Shots'? Gack. Lil Jon is slumming.
  • You can lean your seat back in first class. It's never occurred to me, but I feel confident that flight attendants do not roll up on first-class folks and ask them to return their seat to upright and locked. That's where the money's at. And that's why Romney was prodding Sky Blu in the first place.
  • I wonder if Blu is cringing at this the way I do whenever I remember House of Payne is still on.
  • LMFAO actually come off really, really well in this. It's good PR, and anyone who will dismiss it because they're in their underwear would probably dismiss it in suits at a press conference anyway.
  • If you're on that plane, who do you recognize first, LMFAO or Mitt Romney? Do you feel good about recognizing either?