does not compute: newsvine, still not a country

FUCK you & FUCK your "code of honor" what you do is barr freedom of speech. nothing I have said is in anyway wrong! FUCK NEWSVINE!

I believe in Freedom of speech and Freedom of Expression - and the right to excerise that - and thats what this country was also founded on - (this isn't China) - I'm very offended and upset that somebody such as this moron whos only 23 yrs.old, and obviously Naive as hell, and obviously not the brightest or most intelligent idiot on earth, would take offense to what I said,, and how it was used, being I didn't use any cuss words and since it was NOT directed at him anyway, or a personel attack towards him directly,,, so if the words Raghead or Towelhead offend him in anyway whatso ever

You allow people to remain on here, that incite and continue to post obscene and disrespecttul remarks about other posters and anyone else, especially President Obama. When will you clean this up, and do not use the flimsy excuse of freedom of speech. That is not freedom of speech at all.

Unfreeze my account. You are interfering with my second amendment rights.

One of the most difficult things for tutors and teachers to keep in mind is to never caution students that something is 'easy'. Easy is relative. If someone's struggling with a concept, it's not easy for them, no matter how much you might know about it.

My Newsvine Year's Resolution is to never type 'It's not hard' about a site issue. Instead, I'll write articles I can refer back to.

Newsvine isn't the United States of America, especially when it comes to guaranteed rights. That seems obvious enough, but I understand where the disconnect springs from. It's an American website; it's pretty much all public; America guarantees the right to freedom of speech; therefore collapsing comments/suspending accounts/banning IPs/whatever is infringing on a user's rights. See testimony above from folks who think that's how it works...

Except not. From a 2008 AP piece:

Rant all you want in a public park. A police officer generally won't eject you for your remarks alone, however unpopular or provocative.

Say it on the Internet, and you'll find that free speech and other constitutional rights are anything but guaranteed.

When you register for Newsvine, you agree to a indomitable User Agreement. [I don't blame you for not reading it. It's well-written but not riveting unless you work here.] But those are the rules. Think of Newsvine as a property. And think of the UA as the right to refuse service. As I once put it, the online equivalent of elbow dropping appetizers will get you kicked out just as it would Anthony's. Or a McDonald's.

As awesome as they are, freedom of speech and the First Amendment don't have anything to do with Newsvine.

Hope this makes it easier.