sonicsgate might make me cry


I peeped this over at Blogs Is Watching a little while ago and was mainly geeked about the local hiphop involved; I thought the number of big names interviewed was also a good sign. But now I'm starting to get really excited. One, the premiere at SIFF on the 9th sold out right away. [Friending them on Facebook will help get you in when they announce another screening.] Two, the list of blurbs on the official site is dope.

And three, I finally found a list of just how many big names got interviewed:

  • Former Sonics Sam Perkins, Brent Barry, Desmond Mason, Nick Collison, Jim McIlvaine and James Donaldson
  • Seattle-raised NBA stars Doug Christie, Jamal Crawford and Aaron Brooks
  • Former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton, Paul Lawrence and Brad Keller (lead attorneys in Seattle vs. Clay Bennett/PBC trial), Brian Robinson and Steve Pyeatt (Save Our Sonics founders), Seattle City Attorney Tom Carr and anti-stadium activist Chris Van Dyk
  • Kevin Calabro (710 ESPN Radio), Steve Kelley and Percy Allen (Seattle Times), Chris Daniels (KING5 News) and more
  • Narrated by John Keister of Almost Live!

Just ignore the Steve Kelley part and that's a great list. The premise is pretty great: just prove what everyone already knows: Clay Bennett and buyers wanted to move this team to Oklahoma City from long before there was a day one. And they pulled a bunch of shady dishonest maneuvers to get what they wanted.

Hearing Brooks and Crawford testify about growing up in a city with an NBA team will kinda break my heart, because this is one of the best basketball cities in the country and the Sivas and T-Wills and Wrotens of the future will end up playing in a league without a team from their hometown and dammit, they deserve it and we do too.

In an interview with Jason Reid on KPUG 1770, Reid basically says he got everyone besides Bennett, Schultz, Stern and respective hangers-on - though he did get Brad Keller, the lead attorney for Bennett's side in the trial. Though I would have loved to see Not-Mayor Nickels or somebody attempting to hold him down squirm on camera, too.

BIW says the soundtrack should knock, too.

I'm always going to miss this team and I'm always going to resent to some degree everyone who let it happen, ourselves included. I'm supporting the heck out of letting the world know we haven't let it go.

We never will.

This was the video I did as everything was falling apart and it became clear we had lost our team a long time ago. I kinda regret the font choice.

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