i write for blog bodies now

I'm lucky enough to be joining Blog Bodies, a rad concept blog wrangled by my man Big Ase, who's gotten a lot of people who are much better writers than I.

Here's the shtick: Every week one of us picks a topic [or starting point, if you weeel] like 'birth', or 'summer' or, this week, 'Mobile Suit Gundam'. Everyone picks a song, does a writeup, we post a mixtape. Bam. 'Sbrilliant.

I started this week, but you gotta read and d/l the whole archive.

The only other person I know is Quinn, he of the Mixtape Muse blog/radio show, and the Blackbirds. Which makes writing and reading this really cool - I don't know if I'll ever meet Hasan or Jess, but I'm gonna get to know them. And, of course, I'm going to be breakin' concrete on my entries to make sure they're up to snuff even more because I want to impress them.

[Why front? I want to be loved.]

Asa and Adam are part of what fuels the remarkable I Could Die Tomorrow blog, which, along with everyone else's blog, will be matriculating over to the blogroll.

Occasionally, I'll probably be struck to pontificate on my entry for the week a little more over here. I don't have much to add this week except for a simple little video that probably connects song-to-topic that much more. After the jump.

First post:

What a start. I don't know anything about Gundam, so I called my sister, a Japanophile and ‘the anime one’ in the family. Now I barely know anything about Gundam, but did leave the convo with a theory: Anime fans are like hip-hop heads – gear-oriented, overly analytical, self-referential to the point of ostracizing others.

Given that revelation, here's ‘The Emperor’s Soundtrack’. Lupe Fiasco, an anime nerd who shouted out long-running manga Lupin the 3rd in his first big look, is at his most captivating when he’s trying to pull a ton of strands together – peep the cover for Food and Liquor, his debut. 'Soundtrack', a look-to-the-sky production stuffed with six punchy verses and a chanting hook about ‘knowing weapons’, sounds more like the warrior’s pregame. You could bump it in your Gundam while heading off to battle.

Accompanying video [doesn't use the whole song]: