just listen.

There are some sounds that can't be duplicated.

I love being surrounded by joy. And for all the Vicks and Little Leaguers and ingrained Seattleite complexes, sports somehow bring me - and these folks - such incredible joy, sometimes.

I was working with my dad to prep for our fantasy football draft and this play got brought up. I've always been fascinated by the video - how professional and steady it is - but what's really exhilarating is the audio.

My pops is blind, and I love going to games with him and talking his ear off and telling him what's happening. But sometimes, closing your eyes lets you experience events on a much higher level. I don't have to tell him when a home run is hit or a fumble is lost. I remember pacing around in my living room and Dad and I [and my Mom, who had been suckered in by the narrative] just absolutely losing it.

I was telling a friend from St. Louis the other day that no one knows if either of our cities will see another championship in our lifetime. I hope so. I feel strangely confident the Seahawks will win a Super Bowl one day. But if they don't and I just get to be at a few of these - where all is forgotten except unexplainable communal bliss - it's worth it.

Here's the play.

Two weeks until America's Game is back.