this is a good use of internet

Robes P bought a house. Friggin' mindblowing. That's a smart kid right there, because now is the best time for someone our age to buy a house *checks watch* ever.

Lubbock has curbs?The Four is still really cool - my lease is almost up and Moorman Prop has been really good to me, so as long as the price is right, I'm sticking here for a while. I know a few other people who have bought houses with other folks - Robes is going to be in there with his bride-to-be [also somewhat mindblowing] but I'm nowhere near there yet. I've gotten way better since freshman year, but I'm still not trying to be livable unless I have to be - living with Buttercup was great, but it's probably not going to happen again for a while.

Anyway, there's a house blog [hausblog?] and I'm gonna be all over it hoping that's me in five, six years. As far as uses of the internet go, this is a great one. I like blogs that are personal but also have stated purposes - Double Cee's would be incredible even if I didn't know her, I love me some photo blogs, and DFK's incredible even though I will [likely] never meet Ginger.

The hausblog's called Little Box in Lubbock. Cute [both name and residence], but I don't think it's that little.

I always want to have friends who are in different places. It makes you whole. Wish kid was a little closer, though.