workarounds and bruises

My homeboy Nate, one of the better-raised people I've ever met and one of the few poets I like listening to, is in China currently, tho the blog name is prior:

Nate and Dan in Japan

I'll let him explain:

Unsatisfied with my life in NYC, I hit the road, or the air for that matter. Currently living and working in Shanghai, things are slowly falling into place.

The kid can write, too - check his 'Stepping Out of Bounds' essay that's in this book. Still digging through the archives, but this is why blogs can be great tools: not only do I feel like I kinda know what's going on with him, I'm learning a ton even if just from the picture posts.

So Nate's working around China's blocking of blogspot, teaching, running know, everyday business. Also, doing 'cupping':

Credit to NADIJ and Nate. Duh.

Gah. He claims it doesn't hurt. Whatever, do you. I need to get out of the country at some point [no Camera Obscura].

Maybe I can find the Zarni track that both of us are on, I'll add it if I do.