sfs: 'lipstick' for kami

Very few songs get stuck in my head quite like 'Lipstick' by Imperial Teen. 

older, wiser IT, ganked from their 'we're back' appearance @ Folsom Street Fair in '07

It's off their second joint What Is Not To Love, which is a more determined pop record than their very good debut Seasick. 'Lipstick' is the fourth track, right after sugar bomb 'Yoo Hoo', which is the song that would ring the most bells with people.

IT featured Lynn Perko, Jone Stebbings [one of those bassists that's sneaky good], Roddy Bottum, formerly of Faith No More, and Will Schwartz, who's the lead singer of hey willpower [cop Dance if you see it] and apparently were pegged as one of the most unabashedly gay bands ever, at least lyrically. Things they do right - tons of vocalists, lyrics that take a lot of listens with hooks that get in your head, and keeping it simple, stupid.

Haven't heard the last half of their discography, but I'll have to get on that.

Kami's one of my favorite people - she went to Goucher despite me pitching her on it and I got to see her a few weeks ago. Turned out good. Anyway, she asked what I was rambling about in my facebook status. When something's in my head I like typing it.

'Lipstick' is pretty representative of WINTL - catchy, summery, pouty, a little laconic. The chorus loads up on vocals and guitars, the verses are propelled by Perko's backbeat and a ton of note-holding. It kind of reminds me of a more flirty Breeders cut, especially with the 'ahh-ahh' backing vocals. Ends really well too. Peep:

Lipstick - Imperial Teen

Bonus: I dunno where I found this [Fluxblog?] but it's a fun little remix of Annie's 'Chewing Gum' by hey willpower and I'm not sure if it's anywhere else on the interwebs currently, so yr welcome.

Chewing Gum - Annie ft. hey willpower

Video of them playing a newer cut at Easy Street in West Seattle in '07 after the jump. They sound good.