question: what's the worst license plate ever?

I think a personalized license plate, more often than not, is a good way to let everyone know you're either zany, self-important, or selling something, as if the 'MINIBURGERS' painted on the side of your car wasn't hint enough. [I'm not hatin', Miniburger folks. I thought it was cool you were whipping a Mini.]

We know what the best personalized plate of all time is.

I saw what is surely a contender for one of the worst on Mercer today. A mint-green Prius [nice car, great color] with 'HAPYCAT' on the plate.


For the unfamiliar:

Happycat is a grey British Shorthair cat with a particularly amiable disposition. Happycat is most commonly featured in NEDM YTMNDs. Its head is often used without the rest of the body as a replacement for someone else's head, usually for humorous effect.

That picture is the funniest it has ever looked.

Internet meme, for a brief while plastered across the bird chests of up-on-it goons everywhere. It's a SomethingAwful invention. Apparently, some people are so late to the game that American Apparel is promoting that their shirts are being used to break this five-yr-old feline phenomenon.

Dumbest license plate I've ever seen.

Blurry iPhone evidence after the jump. I would've taken a better photo but I was just stunned.

And yes, I understand the phrase 'happy cat' could very well mean that the driver is, say, a jazz fan with a pleasant disposition, but something about the Prius-in-LQA makes me doubt that.

It's still a bad plate unless there was an actual cat driving and it was having a great day. That's the only way this is acceptable.