zapruder-quality tape of peyton siva scribbling 'seattle' deeper into the map

At some point, people are going to look up and see about 20 guys from the Seattle area in the league.

Brandon Roy

Nate Robinson

Spencer Hawes [staying tru in the image]

and that's just from the U-Dub.

Martell Webster and Marvin Gaye Williams might have taught the area kids not to jump too early, too, though they are turning into players.

And now the 'Ville has its Seattle pipeline - first destined-for-a-long career Terrence Williams, now Peyton Siva. The last person I saw dominate a high school tournament like Siva did was Jamal Crawford. Hopefully Siva stays in school a little longer. Him maikng SportsCenter in the McDonald's All-American game:

Sickness [and actually a basketball move]. Dunk contest highlights after the jump, including future Great White Hansbrough Mason Plumtree. I am stunned he's going to Duke. Stunned.

Videos spotted @ [Tom Wyrwich's Times HS Sports blog]