whatever works, man

I've actually seen more than one of these around town, but this one's near the Mercer entrance to I-5 that's by The Four.

So yeah, I went there. No shame.

Give the guy credit - as dependent as the message is [if you really need a S.O., getchaself right first so they can stand you], it shows some effort to hand-tag signs.

Extra points for actually putting something on the site.

I want everyone that sees this to know that i am looking for a long term relationship, but I'm not looking to force something that just isn't there. Attraction is important to me as it should be important to practically everyone, but that's just a very small portion of what interests me.

That doesn't really tell us anything, Lamont, but hey, it's probably better than Lovelab.

You could tone down that Myspace pic tho.