i'm posting this with flock

I really don't need to, seeing as how Squarespace owns/will remember my tags, but I'm messing with Flock [after seeing it recommended in Newsvine Tools 4ever] and it plays so well with everything.If you're even remotely a social networker, you should check this out. I'm going to use RSS feeds so much more. It's dope and it definitely just replaced Firefox on my netbook.The best hook is probably a 'My World' page that will show you the latest from your favorites in RSS feeds, media [like flickr] and all those status updates/tweets.Also sick: media streams. Auto-detects pages with tons of pictures or clips and lights up a button next to the address bar. Clicky and a slim horizontal bar of all that's available appears. Makes searching YouTube videos a effload easier.Plus, you know, I can post directly from it.[Flock]
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