the other draft this weekend

Sea Gals tryouts.

the Sea Gals and Blitz, ganked from Life as Art's flickr. What a horrible mascotThree observations and a lot more questions:

  • You can be an 18-year-old NFL cheerleader. You can't be an 18-year-old NFL player. I guess that makes sense, but for some reason it's a little mind-blowing. Just never thought about it before.
  • You only get a minute to try out? Wow, that's gotta be a horrible feeling. I don't know of anything I can do for a minute that I feel confident about after stopping. [Derail: I think I should be able to use the word 'Pause' here, and 'pause' in this and all scenarios should just refer to something sexual, like 'that's what she said', as opposed to being all homophobic.]
  • There are pre-audition workshops, which seems really thoughtful, and yet "You will need a black sleeveless bra top of your own to go with the shorts." Does every lady own a black sleeveless bra top? Is that a staple of the dancer's wardrobe?

In any case, let's hope the Seahawks don't screw up and draft Mark Sanchez tomorrow, because then these new members might among be the most exciting additions the team makes this side of the Housh.

Good luck, ladies. I assume you're woefully underpaid for all the work and community service you do, and I have to admit on the rare occasion I get to a live game I'm never close enough to notice you. But still, keep grinding.

[See, this is where my modified 'pause' would fit perfectly.]

It ain't always the easiest job, either. Brr.

Chilly Sea Gals ganked from Stevie R G's flickr