stage dive fail, blog success

I'm certainly not going to a better job than Macklemore of describing this, so peep:

Well, there was a Hippy with Dreads in the crowd that had been waiting for his time to shine and jumped on stage right as the chant started. In a big stank mess ofpachouliandbeeswax he proceeded to high step, jump up and down, and egg the crowd on with "look at me" hand jesters. Just as security was about to hem him up, he took the huge leap of faith, lunging like hippy high jumper, back first into the crowd. The problem was is that all thehigh school/college kids being extremely agile at their young age and had enough time to move out of the way as the natty dread came came crashing down. Yes, Babylon had fallen. Hard.

Dude is up on his blog game like all of a sudden over at Bengal Yucky. Added to the blog roll. Who knew thrift store reviews could be readable? I'm going to rip that right off.

One of my favorite local rappers, certainly a cut above Asher, tho I am feeling most of what I've heard and as far as I'm concerned, getting hated on by Pitchfork just means you have a good manager. Those dudes can't stand success, especially when it comes with a good campaign.

Hopefully Mack will be getting hated on by them in a few.

Macklemore - Love Song

Gawd, I love that beat.

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