reggie watts isn't a comedian, i don't care what you say

I lost a dollar bet earlier this year because I was claiming that Reggie, formerly of 66-percent-brilliant Maktub [and formerly of Seattle] was more of a musician than a comedian. But I lost the case on my iphone. Gah.

Anyway, just noticed that he's on Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night. Totally DVR'ing. Poor Fallon is getting better from what I've seen, but having the Roots as the house band just makes him look small.

Watts is a thoroughly brilliant dude who I bet is a good standup comedian by now just through force of will, but here's why I wish he would make music full-time:

Reggie Watts: Lost in the Options from Jake Lodwick on Vimeo.


Maybe when his site is up there'll be a return to the sick music. In the meantime...

You should probably own some Maktub.

Maktub - Love Me Like Before