opening day thoughts

I don't have a lot of sports traditions. Thanksgiving football probably doesn't count, and I need to revive going to the high school basketball tournaments with my grandpa, but college put a good wrench in that streak.

Baseball's Opening Day might be worth making annual - I got to tag along with some goons who have gone every year for the past decade together, including a father and son who had gone from inception to the mid-90's and '82 to the present, respectively. It was a good time. Here's what I liked about it [not to mention, the game was ideal]:

yoinked from HDex Photography's flickr

  • The crawl. I won't call it a pub crawl, because it wasn't entirely bars - I threw in a trip to Ebbets [srsly the best clothing store in the city] and the guys started early by actually playing some ball, including some catch with the kids. The game was at 3:40, it's usually later, and making a day of it - especially a weekday of it - made it really memorable.
  • The hope. Oh, Seattle sports. Really, we're blessed to have so many teams. There's always something to keep your fingers crossed for. Actually, being there on Opening Day really juiced my expectations. And even if the M's had come in 2-5 rather than 5-2, I still would have been geeked. [I'm a passionate homer; I don't want to be cured.]
  • The packed house. Sellouts at baseball games are great. Unbelievably, Seattle wasn't even in the bottom third of attendance last year, despite having the most uninspiring team with two legit great players ever. You will never see a team with players as good as Ichiro and Felix stink in such a depressing way. Ever. And we still showed up. The Safe was rocking, and I've never heard a gratitude pop quite like the sustained standing O for Griffey's first at-bat.

The hope is so infectious that Carlos Silva was dealing. I know, right?

So yeah, anybody trying to go next year?