desean jackson, mainstreamin' jerkin'

Educational minute. I just want to answer all the people who will assume this was C-walking or something stupid like that.

DeSean Jackson, suddenly the scariest WR in the NFL, busted this out during Sunday Night Football [I wanted to type 'SNF', but how many abbreviations can you throw in a sentence before it becomes signifying for in-crowded-ness' sake?]

This is jerkin', an L.A. invention that is accompanied by a bangin' blip-based soundtrack. Matthew Africa explains better than I can:

Jerk music is like a Bizarro-world version of rap, where women rap better than men and a lot of the traditional rules about sex and race get gleefully mauled-- dudes wear fluorescent nut-huggers, dance and brag about giving head and dressing like white boys.

Matthew's jerk mix is essential listening if you're curious. Also super NSFW.

Specifically, DeSean 'doin' that reject', according to Audio Push in the video after the jump. Here's their vid for 'Teach Me How to Jerk', the best of the jerk tracks that caught a little dance-craze buzz last summer. Welcome to the subculture, new jacks.



DeSean is one of my favorites because he's consistently repping Cali [admirable in Philly] and has a killer web presence - Snoop Dogg does the intro to his site and his twitter is awesome; apparently, he's willing to bust out the reject in the club, too.

I picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year and I don't feel so bad about it because of the DJACC factor.