deon grant stays repping georgia

Seahawks strong safety Deon Grant opens up this unofficial T.I. video, and stays repping the 'Hawks, too. That's pretty cool.

The song's pretty grating, but that's T.I. for you. It should be noted that someone or something called UrbanNewsNetwork appears to have put the thing together. I wonder if Deon or T.I. or his P$C weed carriers know it's out there. T.I. starts looking happydrunk around the minute mark. Not coincidentally, it's totally boring from then on. Just a sausagefest of lipsyncing.

Some Googling plus the fly girls in modded Grant jerseys [around the :30 mark] lead me to believe at least the pre-T.I. footage [and maybe that too, I guess they've met] is from Grant's '$1 Billion Birthday Bash' back in March. Or maybe he just hosted a club night. Maybe he had two parties! Who knows! More cake for him. The dude had a whole week to celebrate going back to camp his last freedom before camp, so that footage could come from anywhere. How do the Nik Richies of the world follow all this club stuff?

Wait a second *determinedly Googles* - A-ha!

The above guy's in the video wearing the same outfit, so it must have come from Luckie Lounge on July 9. Whew.

Grant was slumming by having P$C even in the area, since serious ballers like Charles Barkley and Irv Gotti were there. I had no clue Grant was ballin' out of control in the semi-celeb scene like this. It's cool that he decided to get paid up here in media Siberia and play for an awesome franchise rather than go to the Falcons and do this every weekend. Good looking out.

Two pics worth posting from the parties the video didn't come from, since I did all that work:

C'mon, Deon, you can't put your number on there. People will think it's your age!

And I think we can all agree it doesn't matter what age you are when you can get your stenciled wifebeater game on like this.

As a Northwest sports fan, I always get a little giddy inside whenever one of our peoples shows up on anything resembling a national stage. I remember replaying and replaying an NBA highlight video that had both GP and the Reign Man in it. Oh, the sweet recognition!

Here's Deon at his day job, which he's a sight better at than counterpart Brian Russell.

Ha, Larry Fitzgerald looks tweaked. Leinart probably threw it high and away. Question, though: If D-Greezy stays repping the whole state of Georgia, why'd he go play college ball at Tennessee? Hmm? You don't see T.I. holding it down for Nashville, now do you?

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