two great tastes that view great together

Fantasy football, meet documentary. Excellent. Also, this is how I discovered SnagFilms.

'10 Yards', by Hunter Weeks and Josh Campbell. My draft's on the 2nd. I'm geeked, and this is helping.

Weirdly, this is interspersed with hair product ads. I think SF missed their target demo.

This is an excellent indie doc - Weeks and Campbell manage to get solid interviews with the dudes who actually invented it, active and retired NFL players, and the editing is solid. The film manages to be funny while still pointing out the explosion of fantasy and being mad informative.

The best part? A Southern all-female tackle football league where everyone plays fantasy. That's representative of the diversity Weeks and Campbell are going for - traveling all over the country during football season. A little too much Diary Cam, but things keep moving enough that even as someone who already knows the topic, I was never bored. If you're not into it, probably all the more reason to watch.


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