RD: will rap remain black?

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Will Rap Remain Black?



Shwayze says 'meh'.

Music has always been a forum for racial debate and expression, especially for Black folks. Over the past century, Black musicians pioneered every form of popular music: jazz, rock, blues, funk, soul, and hip hop.

Each genre was initially intimidating and exotic to a white consumer base that eventually came around, usually after white musicians began to adapt to the new styles. (See: Pat Boone.)

Unlike any other genre of ‘Black music’, hip hop has mostly resisted visible gentrification. Sure, there have been non-Black rap stars, like Eminem and Big Pun. They’re the exceptions to a long-standing, unwritten rule: Hip hop sells because it’s Black culture in physical (or digital) form.

The most idolized and deified rappers (by all races) have been the ‘Blackest’. 2Pac, son of a Black Panther; Biggie, “Black and ugly as ever” but still proud; Nas, who almost pushed an album titled Nigger out on a major label this year.

But here’s a heads up: things are about to change...

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