the good thing about russell westbrook

Well, the Sonics' first pick isn't a Kevin - Durant or Love, who would have been the correct pick, but he does have some fobvious positives [ i meant to write 'obvious, but I'm just gonna leave it. Fobvious positives. Nice.]:

  • Defensive-minded, with the possibility of becoming a lockdown guard.
  • Has an awesome athlete name. Russell Westbrook. That actually sounds like a tough P.I. from the 70's more than a guard, but it's good either way.
  • Favorite player is Magic Johnson. Can probably transition to point guard.
  • Nasty first step that can result in highlight-reel type stuff. [Highlight reel for evidence.]
  • Most importantly, though...kid is jacked. Strong like bull. See picture for evidence. He'll be a good defensive guard for a long time. and the Sonics didn't have any. Play strong, Russell. Maybe we'll stay here.


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