does this video make you feel?

Watch away. I'll wait.

Crazy, right? Some thoughts, links, and another vid after the jump. 

Justice, who have a pretty great track record for videos, released this in May for the track "Stress". Indeed. I thought 'The Warriors' and 'La Haine' while watching it, two of my favorite movies. [The In-Between saw the Kassovitz connection too in their writeup.]

I don't know what the French post-disco duo had in mind, but it's really provocative and struck something profoundly human in me when I watched it.

Further discussion points:

  • What are the conscious casting decisions made by the director, Romain Gavras? What are the racial under/overtones of the piece?
  • How does your knowledge of France affect your viewing of the video?
  •  Those crosses rep Justice [pronounced juice-teece]'s logo, right? So the gang represents them, right? So holy shit, right?
  • Are those crosses digitally tracked on there?

Okay...that's enough for today, class.

[In-Between on 'Stress'] 

[Fubiz on 'Stress'] 

[Shots Ring Out on 'Stress'] 

Gavras' hailed first vid, 'Signatune' by DJ Medi ft. Thomas Bangalter 

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