your new favorite band: the dregs

Shamefully, my boy J-Money didn't own these tracks. He's on the far right. Why divshare when you can share with the world? Free tracks in a few 'graphs.


These are The Dregs - Robes you hopefully know, the more-filling Dan Barker commanding the drumset, yours truly, and J-Money. I would have called our 'album' 'First Hurrah', so that's what I 'shopped on there. We formed for about three months, had about ten practices, and wrote four freaking original songs. It was a really cool experience and I managed to remember everything live at our legit gig, a proto-festival on our college's drunkest day of the year. Not pictured: Hundreds of people who may or may not have been interested in our performance, but were polite enough to clap and whoop just the same.

Ten tracks of live goodness after the jump. Right-click to dl.

1. Something and Rambling - Originally, this song was called 'Something in Rambling', contrasting with the Lucinda classic 'Nothing in Rambling'; I tried to write like an old country singer for this group. Listened to a lot of Neil Young.

2. No One - A ska-ish cover of the Alicia Keys instant classic? Why not? Dan killed this one. 

3. Dimmer Switch - I'm trying to remember where the title came from on this one, but I channeled every time I had ever overflirted and came up with a character who's not too likable. There's a rock in the snowball, listen to the lyrics. That girl came out sounding definitely underage. 

4. Songs About Deaths - This is my joint - J-Money on the guitar. It sounds grungy to me while still having this rolling feeling to it. I like songs you can drive or run to. All of ours pretty much fit that bill. 

5. Longing in 3 - This was an update from an old project that J$, Robes, and I were in. Not too complex, just a good lovesick waltz. What up, Elliot Smith. 

6. Worried About It - I ripped off this song by accident. Oh well. Why aren't more of those guylined emo bands writing about this phase - when you're attracted to someone for the same reasons as you were to the ex you thought you were over? 

7. Suh-prize! - Robes and J$ switch instruments Robes from bass to guitar and vice versa. Wagtech Sound did an awesome job with us, although I wish you could hear more J$ on backup. This is another update from the old band. Hooooks. Must have been watching WSOP or something.

8. Since U Been Gone - Robes fucking loves this song. I used to, but sung it too much. They do a much better job than me on this one. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists do an excellent version of this - sometimes with Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps", and played later in the evening. Thankfully, it wasn't in their set.

9. Cheryl - One of my favorite songs, also an update from the last band. I channeled a friend who was in the infatuation stage. Crush songs are often better than love songs. I actually try not to write about relationships while I'm in them. Better to distance, then return, and since I try not to distance, I often end up putting myself in an acquaintance's shoes when I've seen their potential lyrics unfold.

10. Save Tonight - As you can hear, we'd pretty much never played this before. We just happened to have more time in our set, and fuck if white twentysomethings don't know and love this joint. It's a great simple song. The ending's better than it has any right to be.

These are ID3 tagged as 'Live at GIG 2008', which is pretty accurate. It was a fun last collegiate musical experience [well, I guess the mixtape, too].

You should be able to listen to this all with the awesome Yahoo! Media Player. Y! > G. 

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