the saturday knights might take over the world...

and not just the city. With their release party tomorrow night, expect the Seattle hiphop scene, which has been bubblin' for longer than a minute, to ride out on the nation over the next few. Shouts to Light in the Attic. Now sign me!

...and yeah, I know, I'm their cousin or something. Here they are just seeming cool:

Larry Mizell Jr. shows that if you love a group, yes, you can do it in print without sounding like you're typing on top of their dick. Mizell's Stranger column is really, truly the shit. [Let's Get Ready To Mingle]

[Cop it on Amazon] Not a very hiphop cover. Good shit. 

[The MySpace] Not really on their MySpace game like Cancer Rising, but they are from Denzel, Washington. Also, I can't be talking shit about anyone's MySpace. Can't ever be hanged to check that. 

Stream the album in halves at My Old Kentucky Blog [I know, right?] and KEXP blog. [Listening Party] 

And here's a free track! 'Dog Park'. It bumps.

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