an odd, odd thought [or three] about the hype machine

Occasionally, I hear a U2 song - I think it's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - that I actually like. It's weird. It's like discovering a weird strain of tomato that I don't mind. [I hate tomatoes, and I'm not alone. Poison apples.]

My homegirl Gretch Santana loves U2. Loves 'em. Flew out to San Diego from Baltimore one year to see them. So every so often, I try to listen to War and "get it". Never happens. It's not possible. U2 are the most hype-fueled band ever. The Joshua Tree is really, really boring. 

I heard this song on the radio - the one where Bono jumps from 3 to 14 - today: U2's "Vertigo".

I tuned in during a riff and thought it was this song.

Remember this, Rolling Stone's 2002 off-base cover proclaiming 'Rock is Back!'?


That didn't work out too good, did it?

In that cover story, creepy-looking Rob Sheffield tries like hell to get you to love Craig Nicholls, the band's lead singer, who'd later be diagnosed with Asperger's. Instead, he gets you to feel kinda sorry for him. Maybe aweing your audience is the key to stardom. Plenty of people are awed by Bono - Nicholls just intrigues folks, I guess.

The Vines got pushed hard and will never be in the same hotel as U2. Yet they're infinitely more human and listenable and I feel like The Edge ripped them off a little bit. Hype's a bitch. Disjointed thoughts, I know.

Speaking of under-the-radar artists, the mixtape's up. 

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