so, i graduated.

Hoo-rah, as they say.

It was really cool - not just to graduate, but to attend a college that really let me do what I wanted to do. It was a great experience - and I sure hope it helps me get a job. [I'm not on that grad school tip quite yet.]

But hey. What's up with this blog? Kids have been blowing by me on this tip. But hey, the last few months of my college career were exhausting. Truly. But I'm juiced already, back in Seattle, and ready to update. A lot. And write in fragmented sentences, apparently.

Big, or at least medium things coming soon.

Mixtape. Me and my homeskillets Agee and Y. Bates completed a DEEP mixtape these past two semesters. The download site will be hosted here at PH.

More updates. Waaaay more updates.

Site redesign. I saw Death Cab For Cutie's new album cover and was like, Naaaah. At the very least, that banner's gotta go.