mindy mccready is rick fox


This is kind of mean, but really. They're good but not great at what they do [did in Fox's case, he's a horrible actor]. They're also both considered good-looking mostly because their competition [female country singers and NBA small forwards] are generally pretty buckled.

And now they're forever going to be famous for shtupping more talented people.

In case you haven't turned on ESPN today, Roger Clemens was apparently boinking semi-crazy country singer McCready since she was 15 (Ewwww!). She's 35 now, but apparently this ended a while ago. It was a 10-year affair, about as long as eternally gorgeous sometimes-naked [NSFW] jill-of-all-trades Vanessa Williams was involved with Fox.

Once upon a time, let me remind you, Vanessa Williams was Whitney Houston but hotter. She's still pretty awesome, what with her nouveau-witch role on Ugly Betty. Note that this post is not 'Vanessa Williams is Roger Clemens'.

Who knows why either relationship happened. Williams is far superior to Fox, and McCready was reportedly so naive she didn't realize the Rocket was married until she read about it in a program. Well, actually, I guess that explains that one. Roger likes 'em dumb.

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