IFC's framed: further proof it is the greatest and best network ever

I've been waiting for someone to put IFC's "Framed" online for months. Thank you, HmarekHDen1412.

"Framed" is a friggin' brilliant marketing campaign from Reebok, who since the Jay-Z breakthrough, have really been just as good as Nike at giving you money chills in their sports advertising dept. 

Here's Thierry Henry as shot by Paz Vega.


[Part 2]

And here's Paz Vega. I Googled her for you. 


"Framed"'s concept: Take a cool athlete - Baron Davis, Thierry Henry, Jelena Jankovic - match them up with an actor - Paz Vega, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Regina King - and have the actor shoot the athlete in a short film. IFC picked it up and it fits nicely within the network's ideology of showing you cool behind the scenes stuff.

The Baron and Vince ones are hilarious - B-Diddy's rollerskating and VY gets clowned by a six-year-old for not reading blitz packages. It's a shame they're not [fully] online yet, but maybe this'll make you order IFC, really the best network on television.

Preview clips are here

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