you should have downloaded songbird, like, yesterday

Six months ago, I was flipping out watching the demo video for Songbird, which could dead iTunes as the premier music player. Now, it's in beta, and though it's quite buggy, it hints at being everything I hoped it could be.

It's made, unsurprisngly, by Mozilla, developed by these cats Pioneers of the Inevitable, which is a badass name for a band, let alone a development team.


Nice office.

Both a browser and a player, Songbird will allow you to cop all the mp3s on mp3 blogs, whether like mine, or, say, Soul Sides. That's the major pull for me, but it's also a slick player in and of itself and offers syncing with multiple mp3 devices.

The other big appeal, is since this is Mozilla: Add-ons are being developed already. The revolution's here. I'm excited.

And this is just in developer mode. Zero point Five. I can't wait to see the final version. It runs fine on my beat-up Latitude with XP Pro, but has crashed on some friends' comps, so I'd say d/l, try it out, and keep an eye on it.

If you're annoyed by iTunes - which I think is a good player but fuck that store - check this out and, if you're on Windows, Foobar2000, which is really tinkerable and functional.