kitman is just off the effin' chain

Disclaimer: Chris 'Kitman' Matsui is my boy. Like many of the people I truly care about, I rarely see him, and have no idea where he is.

But, regardless of my bias, the fool can blend. 


What makes the two below mixes so good is not just an ability to beatmatch - displayed on 'Inside Out' - or great digging ear - showcased on 'strange but wonderful' - but Kitman's almost compositional ability to set a mood and shift it, extort it, distort it, and return you to the same mood.

He's like a painter. I'm absolutely tripping off 'strange but wonderful'. If I had to make a musical reference, I'd say Kitman sounds like a next-gen O-Dub. One hell of a party mixer, this kid made a mixtape in 2003 that I lost and still check my room specifically for, even though I know it's not there, because it was that fucking good. 

If you're asking yourself, 'Should I download one? The other? Both?"

Uhh...both. Don't know how long they're gonna be up.

[Kitman - Inside Out] 

[Kitman - strange but wonderful]

[Kitman's MySpace]