timekiller: hero creator

This thing - a simple way to make your own superhero - has been around a while, but it's gotten a lot better. Now it's Heromachine 2.5, for what that's worth.

Miss Thang's disturbingly accurate rendition of herself:


Yeah, not so much with the superpowers. And the fact that 'tail' is a drop-down menu category makes one a little fur-cautious. But if you're actually trying to make a goofy superhero - whether for yourself or of your friends - there's no better way to kill an hour.

The one issue with the program is that it's not too easy to grab your image. For those who don't know, peep the screen grabbing technique: Print Screen - 'Prnt Scrn' - copies what is displayed on your screen to a clipboard. Then you can paste in Paint or 'Shop or whatever you use.

Miss Thang's horrifying renditions of me:

1325283-1391781-thumbnail.jpg                1325283-1391782-thumbnail.jpg

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