stuck on a sample

Fat Joe is the Roy Williams of hip-hop; he gets some accolades, but he's really not very good. However, he does make big hits. Okay, that was corny.

I just did that so the 'corny' thing would tie together neatly. 

I'm stuck right now because hours of e-digging haven't got me any closer to finding the sample used by both Joe's Terror Squad in the underrated single "Take Me Home", and indie superduo Felt in "Dirty Girl". Cool and Dre are really pretty great crate diggers; never forget that they busted out 'Hate It or Love It' and 'Rodeo' in a 6-month span, which are two of the most musical hip-pop instrumentals ever no matter how many shitty Khaled collabs they do.

Here's the video for "Take Me Home". Ewww, Stephon Marbury pecs.

I really do like that track, but "Dirty Girl" is a dope song too. Sparser and with a harder drum loop, MURS and Slug trade two verses that border on fetishizing; Felt likes chicks that work real jobs, apparently. The chorus, however, is uninventive as hell. If you see the album, Felt II: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet, anywhere, pick it up. And drop me a line in the comments to tell me if it gives up the sample.


Felt doesn't give me any hints. The only clue I have to where the sample might come from is 'N. Warwar' - the only composer I can't identify in the credits given for "Take Me Home" on Allmusic.

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