best super bowl ever?

Probably not. Maybe the best fourth quarter ever, though.

But do you think Elisha Nelson Manning gives a fuck right now? 


Prrrrobably not.

Whooo, that was crazy. I got to watch it hopping between three parties, and spent most of it around people who didn't really care. That's the best way to watch any Super Bowl game, but especially this one, because it really ramped up the No-Expectation Syndrometm.

A few observations: 

  • Bill Belichick is one of the best villains of our time. I don't know if I've ever truly hated Joe Torre or Barry Switzer or any of those obnoxious, craggy faces of dynasties past. But man, do I hate Belichick.
  • He might not have gotten outcoached per se, as I don't think Coughlin ran the ball as much as he should have, but that go-for-it on 4th and 13 when the Patsies were in Stephen NotVinatieri's range was a major brainfart. All in retrospect, sure, but Belichick and staff aren't stupid. They knew that points were at a premium. A successful NotVinatieri boot and the Giants are down seven and the defense gets juiced.
  • Since the Super Bowl MVP almost always goes to an offensive player, and Justin Tuck, the true game MVP, doesn't have a famous dad, David Tyree should have gotten Eli's hardware.


  • Jesus Christ on a caribou. That was one of the best catches ever.
  • Wes Welker is not so much a token quick white guy as Ricky Proehl 2.0, speed edition. I loved Proehl, because he really knew how fast he was and what risks to take in terms of cutbacks. Welker, who's much faster, has field awareness kinda like great PGs in basketball have court awareness. He kept the Pats offense on the field a lot.
  • The Giants secondary played major, but I still think 3 or 4 more jump balls to Moss means the Pats win. That guy is the Predator.
  • Has there ever been a Super Bowl team with more broadcast personal vendettas than the G-Men? Here's a list of Giants who had legit claims to the Rodney Dangerfield 'we don't get no respect!' speech.

  Michael Strahan's wife left him [two years ago, but the divorce finalized last year] and sold all his shit, then copped $15 million from him. And, intentionally or no, insinuated he was gay along the way.

  Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning will not be sending the Barber Brothers Christmas cards inviting Tiki and Ronde to their 4th of July bash. Tiki, for all of his absolute awesomeness as a running back, went on a bizarre smear campaign throughout the year. Think he regrets it now?

  The Giants front four, for some admittedly logical reasons, were not the storyline for any of the four playoff games. They should have been, as they dominated off the ball, sacked Brady five times, and most importantly, stretched out Laurence Maroney, who could have taken the game over.

   Plaxico Burress will be getting bitches - Long Island bitches, but take what you can get - forever now. Say goodbye to what happened back in May.

   Ahmad Bradshaw should probably be starting next year, after having one of the best late runs by a seventh-round pick ever. He's entitled to wearing a middle-finger grin for the next five months; he'd look great in a Seahawks uniform. Sniff.

  • That reminds me; I usually hate name tattoos, but Bradshaw's giant gothic biceps initials are fine with me for some reason.


  • There's no telling how angry Boston is as a city right now. I always position Cincinnati as the angriest US city - it always feels one shoving match away from full-on riot. It's just tense. I can't even imagine what Beantown is like right now, but it makes me smile. I respect the Boston fans I know, but a lot of them are insufferable pricks. Catch some schadenfreude at WEEI if you like.
  • The 1972 Dolphins are jerks. But they'll die during this generation. I didn't want to hear Brady and Harrison and Seau and [yech] Belichick mooning about this season twenty years from now. And now they won't. So...

Dear Giants,



Football Fans The World Over.

P.S. That track is funky.