the philadelphia phillies are awful sensitive

Brett Myers is officially kind of a dick - the alleged domestic abuser and ace relief pitcher for the Phillies set up his fellow reliever - with the help of the kindly coach, GM, and some local media - to think he'd been traded to the Yomiuri Giants. Of Japan.

You can watch the video here, it's funny. 

But that's not what caught my eye. Seven seconds in ...


The Phillies have braille on their office doors? Huh. As the son of a great blind man, that's actually pretty cool, even if I have my doubts as to how many blind folks are strolling through the Phils' facilities.

Too bad they'd probably try to trick any blind passersby into thinking they were in the jungle by making monkey noises and hurriedly bringing office plants over. Ooh, you tricky Phillies!

['Brett Myers is Full of Trickery' @ Deadspin]