anti-valentine's day part II


This is what you should be watching tonight. Unless you have other plans. No excuse if you're single and miss football season already. [One probably helps the other here.] It's the anti-Valentine's Day date film. 

A sports comedy set in a prison. Awesome. The less said about the Sandler/Nelly remake the better. Straight out of 1974, the original begins not with a wack car chase, but a scene of extreme, mustachioed domestic violence - Burt Reynolds as ex-pro star Paul "Wrecking" Crewe mushing his girlfriend after getting screamed on. Then, an awesome car chase.

Then, in about 20 minutes, you grow to actually like Paul Crewe. Why, look how well he shapes up!


[Straight ladies/gay fellas, this is a thoroughly homosocial film - save some implied gettin' down with a beehived Bernadette Peters. You know I wouldn't recommend something too SWM.] 

Featuring the cultural sensitivity as advanced as its prison reform, the film centers around Crewe putting together a team of convicts to play a vengeance-m otivated game against the evil guards. The guards' team features a psycho Ray Neitzsche, and the prisoners find that hatred of the law can unite all races, including the ever-so-PC character of 'The Indian', played by Washington's favorite son, Sonny Sixkiller. PSNA.

[Sorry I got this up so late, East Coasters, classes swallowed me. Hope you had a happy V-Day.]