this isn't cool

My first favorite store in my new neighborhood of Queen Anne, OpShOp, is now going to be a memory.

Doesn't that shop look cool? It is. Good people, great owner, no price tags. You pay what you think is appropriate, and Queen Anne's underpaid and unemployed rely on it. I try to pay more than I would at a Goodwill - as I understand it, the money goes to a local school, John Hay Elementary.

Jane's pretty well painted by Robert Jamieson's sympathetic P-I piece - she's an understanding, caring lady and her comfort in her community is enviable.

And now she's got to move:

Wednesday was less than beautiful because of the blow Horowitz was served last week. Her landlord, Seattle mega-developer Robert Burkheimer, slapped her with a notice to vacate and he followed up with a letter this week. Horowitz has to pack up and go by Thanksgiving.

"Warm regards," the letter said in closing.

Burkheimer is a bottom-line businessman. I get it. And Horowitz, who has a husband, two kids and two dogs, did fall two months behind on her $2,500-a-month rent, a fortune for a shop where she tells patrons to "pay with your head or your heart."

I'm not saying Burkheimer's wrong. But it's tough to read. I'll be stopping by today.


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