your new favorite show: the word salad

Four and sometimes more of my favorite homegirls from college are doing a radio show/podcast that is what all college radio shows should be: an insightful inside-joke fest where everyone gets to talk and you might even learn something, interrupted at intelligent intervals by music either anthemic or really, really indie.

The Word Salad website

I heard one episode and volunteered to do their theme song [entrance music?] [intro composition?] and so here it is:

Word Salad Theme [mp3]

Word Salad Theme [wav]

Ableton Live, yee! No, it's not actually three minutes long...they should turn it down by 2:10. If you can identify all the samples, uh, get outside more.

The basic track is Ms. Led's 'Stigma', which is the best grrl-rock review song I've ever heard, I do believe. I love everything about Ms. Led - 'specially the name.

My favorite sample - that's not 'it's ridiculous' - is the Barbara Jordan drop towards the end. Get familiar.

I think of them as a more feminist Goodness, who I should write an open letter to at some point.

Oh, and I know I've been off the blog grizzle forever - I got a job or two, so my bad. I really love updating PH, and I need to get the little hater to the side and just do it like Nike.

There should be way more me on this site, because I'm a few weeks away from a studio.