happy yom kippur

Shouts to my favorite Jews that I'm not dating:

Richard Simon, who writes the best agreggating niche sports blog ever, TheGolfWatch;

Jane Leavy, who wrote Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy, which i'm currently enjoying;

AJ Schenbaum, my One Radio cohost;

The good people at JewishSports.com [check these super-comprehensive lists of Jews in sports; Deadspin ponders who'll play in college football games Saturday];

Nat G, who could write a better blog than this while watching Braves reruns and filling in the scorecard; 

and Sammy Davis Jr.

I'm gonna try to fast too, for the first time. It's part of my continuing effort to try every religion in the hopes I'll like something. Although not using lotions is going to be difficult. I try to keep it moisturized.

Image shamelessly stolen from Cute Overload