jeff green's mom! jeff green's mom!

It took a while to digest that my favorite basketball team just lost its best two players and hired a dude who's most famous for getting choked as their coach.

But I have to trust Sam Presti, the 30[!] year old wunderkind GM of the Sonics, after reading up on Jeff Green. Kevin Durant was a slam dunk and I'm so happy we got him, I'm even considering buying one of these. He's from Maryland, he's personable, and he's the politest 18-year-old star ever. But of course we were going to pick him. No bonus points there.

Picking Jeff Green to run alongside him. Now that's a good move. Green, despite disappearing a little against OSU in the Final Four, is a brilliant #2 option. Unselfish, hustling, and athletic, he's ideal to replace Rashard Lewis. The thought of these two running the floor together makes me question my sexuality. But off the floor, he seems awesome both on his own merit and as a fit for Durant.

They know each other from AAU and growing up in D.C. [also where new and exciting combo guard Delonte West is from]. With Green as the older brother figure, Durant's rookie year should be easier.

Green with Durant in the foreground and Scooter Presti behind him.[Stolen from: AP]

That, and we get his mom, a cult figure in Georgetown Hoya lore, apparently. Young buck Luke Winn wrote a really good article last year about the Hoyas, saying this about Mama Green.


t1_jgma_si.jpgIn the final 20 minutes before game time, the riled-up Georgetown student section, Hoya Blue, is pointing toward the players' family section and chanting: "Jeff Green's Mom! Jeff Green's Mom!" It's no taunt; Felicia Akingube, the mother of the Hoyas' second-leading scorer, obliges the gray-shirted masses with few hearty waves and a wide grin. She is, one student explains, "a minor celebrity" at the MCI Center. She is at every home game, wearing the same sea-blue, number 32 Hoyas jersey, with "Green" custom-stitched onto the back.
She's an animated fan, and in Jeff's first year, she says, "I had my sign that said, 'No. 32, My Son, Jeff Green.' I started getting my props ever since then. Props, and her own song, an "underground" parody of the Fountains of Wayne hit "Stacy's Mom" written by a Hoya Blue member. The chorus: Jeff Green's mom has got it goin' on/Jeff's all we want and we've waited for so long/As anyone can see she's the Fan of the Game to me/ I know it might be wrong but I'm in love with Jeff Green's mom ...
She's on the right, with his aunt on the left. What I take from this, other than that I need to get a Hoyas jersey, is that the Sonics have a badass future frontcourt who also shourld be signing autographs and driving sober for a long time. Here's hoping they get acclimated quick [can't wait to see Summer League video] and kick enough ass to maybe keep the team here.
Watching Green in some YouTube interview tape, he said "I think I'm probably the most unselfish player in the country." That's awesome. He's confidently unselfish. We haven't had a player like that since this guy
So, yeah. Let the Jeff Green era begin. 
Also, Durant went to a Storm game before he even got drafted. Heart Durant.
Durant coordinating at the Key