timekiller - fantasy hip hop

Oh, dear.

Fantasy Hip Hop 


That's just not fair. How dare you take my two favorite hobbies and combine them! How dare you!

It's actually quite awesome [and simplified, and unrealistic, but yeah]. Start a label, sign artists, form alliances, release mixtapes and disstapes [!] and do promotion. Lots and lots of promotion [hint].

The artist base is pretty deep [Saigon!] and it's hard as hell to make money. Updates nightly. You can also trade artists [I bet Joe Budden wishes that feature existed in real life] and try to lure artists away from other labels.

Because it doesn't update in real time, it's not too soul-sucking and pretty fun. Also, this way some of these dudes can actually sell records.

And hey, where else are you gonna be able to put Eminem and Nina Sky on the same label?