get to your newsstand and camp out

Best issue of ESPN The Mag ever. First, you can check out the post below on Matt Leinart, now peep a quarterback who actually wins something: Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck.

Gotta love Hass [Hoss?] after all these years of frustration; if the 'Hawks keep him upright this year, they're NFC favorites. He participated in the 'Jocks Take Over' issue by taking some pictures at an NFL shoot in Glendale, which I didn't realize before seeing this shot and just scrunching my eyebrows for like ten seconds:


Friggin' Devin Hester, Larry Johnson, and DeMarcus Ware just hangin' with Hass, playing some pickup against MoJonesDrew and company. Blew my mind for a second. Here's how stupid I am - I thought for a second they had just met up, for some reason wearing their uniforms. Yeah. Looking forward to seeing this ad. Happy to see no Ravens in it.

Also, I find the below picture of Hasselbeck's kids just as adorable as it is, but also hilarious because his son appears pretty much bald. Just like Daddy. So yeah, ESPN might be trotting out a bad Finals crew, but they're stepping their print game up. [Just as my subscription expired, too. Damn.]